St Gerrans and Porthscatho

Old Cornwall Society

The St Gerrans and Porthscatho Old Cornwall Society is a flourishing and dynamic group which meets on a monthly basis for a series of interesting talks on both local and more general Cornish subjects.  Everyone is very welcome to attend our meetings – just come along. Our current programme is here.  We also have several outdoor events throughout the year, including two visits to sites of interest and events to support Cornish traditions – Crying the Neck, St Piran’s Day, St Gerrans and St Anthony feast days.  The Society is active in pursuing the collection and sharing of historical local information and has been involved in many projects and areas of research.

Objectives of the St Gerrans and Porthscatho Old Cornwall Society

·         To collect, record and share information about Cornish history, place-names, folk-lore, traditions, dialect, music, industries etc.

·         To protect the natural beauty of Cornwall

·         To encourage the study and use of the Cornish Language

·         To preserve Cornish Antiquities and relics of the past

Members of the Society work tirelessly to collect, record and promote all aspects of the rich Cornish history and culture.

In order to promote Cornish culture, the Society:

·         Manages projects to survey and preserve sites of historic interest

·         Publishes pamphlets, booklets and other material

·         Holds cultural events, e.g. St Piran’s Day Celebration, Crying the Neck, Feast Day Celebrations

·         Holds a series of monthly talks between October and May

·         Organises visits to sites of historic interest each summer

If you have additional relevant information, documents, photos, illustrations or objects please contact the Recorder:  Nev Meek

If you would enjoy the challenge of contributing to a dynamic, Roseland based, cultural organisation, please contact our Membership Secretary for more information:  Jean Rigley  01872 501838

Kuntellewgh an brewyon eus gesys na vo kellys travyth

Gather up the fragments that are left that nothing be lost